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Stainless steel backsplash sheets come in several different backsplash designs. They can add a lovely touch of décor to any room in the house, especially the kitchen. Stainless steel not only looks nice, but the material is mess and stain resistant. Purchasing them in bulk can greatly decrease the cost, time, and effort of applying them to the floor or walls.

To find the best stainless steel sheets for sale, searching online for the various options is the best way to go. Driving around and searching in home improvements stores might be a waste of time and energy while typing “stainless steel backsplash sheets” in the Google search bar will produce a wide variety of results.


One website to consider for this type of backsplash is “online metals”. This website contains twelve separate patterns, all of which are available in three sizes: 24” x 30” for $261, 30” x 30” for $297, and 30” x 36” for $328.50. There is actually a page, labeled STAINLESS product guide, dedicated entirely to the specific sizes, shapes, patterns, model, and even properties of their 18 grades of stainless steel. This page is helpful to users who want to know the specifics of the stainless steel sheets that they are ordering. Some of the stainless steel patterns that this site has for sale are checkerboard, diagonal, diamond, harlequin, mosaic, non directional, plain brushed satin, random swirl, and square.

“Quick ship metals” has a wide array of stainless steel patterns that are available in pre-cut sizes. Their most popular patterns are brushed, satin quilt, hammered, and bright quilt; but they also have Connecticut, random swirl, bright ocean, tree bark, and harlequin. All sheets are pre-cut from 18” x 30” to 30” x 48”.

The extensive patterns are typically more expensive than the plain patterns. For example, for just a plain brushed stainless steel pattern with a satin finish, it will cost $65.47 for an 18” width x 48” length sheet. However, a harlequin pattern costs $238.27 for a sheet of the same size.

Locating stainless steel backsplash sheets is a fairly easy process. As long as the sheets are ordered from a legitimate website and made of decent quality, they can make a kitchen sparkle for a lifetime.