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Using the best brands for stainless steel backsplashes is essential for every homeowner. Stainless steel is a popular material for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s attractive, durable, and easy to apply. Ikea is a well-known furniture company that sells its furniture ready-to-assemble. This company has several walk-in store branches and an online website.

Ikea is currently featuring FASTBO, a 16 7/8x24” stainless steel wall panel for $29.99. This Ikea stainless steel backsplash has several pictures, all with different views of the panel. More information about the Ikea stainless steel backsplash is found on "suzyr enovator". This website has some high quality photographs of kitchens which have used Ikea stainless steel as their main backsplash.

The Imperative Wall Panel by Ikea comes in 30” x 24” for $18 and 37” x 15” for $20. This is a bargain, considering stainless steel panels designed by other companies can be much pricier. The majority of homeowners who have used the Imperative Wall Panel by Ikea have been satisfied with their purchase.

"Houzz" is a home improvement website where the user can view hundreds of photographs using Ikea brand stainless steel as a backsplash. Each picture contains an article describing what the homeowner went through to design their kitchen and why they picked their materials.


First-time stainless steel décor users or new homeowners should know exactly what they are doing and how to efficiently spend their money before purchasing anything. "Ikea fans" is an Ikea fan website dedicated to questions and comments about the Ikea stainless steel backsplash. There are some fans on this website that will offer step-by-step instructions on how to install wall panels and where to find Ikea stainless steel kitchen panels.

Ikea is a trusted company who has been around for decades. They are best known for their excellent customer service and high quality products, so buying a stainless steel backsplash from them is a smart choice that the customer won’t regret.