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Before the inception of the kitchen backsplash kitchens in most homes were very difficult to manage and clean. However with these surfaces which are usually fitted on kitchen walls to ensure that any food stains, grease or water runs off a smooth non stick surface at all times, kitchens are a delight to manage. In most cases these surfaces are made from unique materials with features that enable them to effectively serve in these very wet and high traffic environments.

Common features that characterize an ideal material for use in these applications include ease of cleaning, anti corrosion, anti rusting and attractive looking to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. The following are the most common types of such surfaces that are normally found in many forms of applications ranging from small scale home kitchens to large scale kitchens as found in restaurants and institutions.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

These types of surfaces are extremely popular in all types of applications due to their great features. Although stainless steel was largely used in major commercial settings this has since changed with time due to more awareness and interest in this material. This material comes with highly attractive features such as ease in cleaning versatility and overall ease in maintenance.

Glass Backsplash

Glass is another commonly used material in the making of exceptionally attractive and useful backsplash surfaces. Certain kinds of glass materials are tough enough for this application apart from being very attractive and thus very transformative.

Quartzite Copper

This is a very attractive brown material that is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike most kitchen backsplash surfaces it also tends to be tougher and more resistant to harsh stains such as from bleaches and other acidic agents used around the kitchen. Additionally this material hardly ever scratches or gets any tough to clean food or grease stains ensuring that one’s kitchen looks the same for long periods of time. While looking for an ideal material for these surfaces it is very important to consider their features as this can greatly affect how one runs their kitchen and even lead to substantial savings in future.