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Backsplashes are basically home fitting items in the form of surfaces that are usually used in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Normally ordinary paint work applied in most homes and buildings tend to perform very poorly when constantly exposed to water a factor that tends to considerably inflate the maintenance costs of most homes. Moreover water tends to destroy the look of such surfaces making them peel and thus considerably degrade the overall look of even the entire house.

To avoid such as scenario most home owners and building contractors have taken to using different materials in such areas to for protection and for preservation purposes. With an appropriate material one can ensure that their expensive paint work last as long as possible and that their homes keep looking classy and elegant at all times. To achieve this materials used in the making of such surfaces must possess the following important characteristics.


Anti corrosion and rust

Backsplashes tend to undergo consistent and much sustained exposure to water that can be very harmful if the material is not built to withstand such conditions. Experts recommend the use of material that will not allow any rust to accumulate which can pose a health hazard in the preparation of food and considerably degrade the look of the entire kitchen. Also related to this feature is the ability of a material to resist stubborn stains and thus ensure ease in cleaning. In most cases these surfaces are required in the kitchen where stains and grease abound. To avoid permanent staining materials such as ceramic and marble among others should be used.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in most homes and it should not only be sparkling clean it should also look great at all times. Backsplashes usually go a long way in ensuring this and as such the materials used to make them must be very versatile to ensure that it can be shaped and pattered in many different ways to appeal to many types of people.