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Backsplash tiles are an extremely popular home fitting product especially amongst small scale home applications. Although relatively new in the market these items have grown by leaps and bounds making them one the most sought after and popular kitchen fittings in most homes.

These tiles are usually made from materials that exhibit exceptional features such as the ability to resist corrosion, rust and even any stubborn stains that tends to be abundant in most high traffic areas such as the kitchen. Additionally these tiles must be made in a tasteful and creative way that further enhances their ability to transform an entire kitchens and homes look without costing too much both in purchase and installation.

In the market today there a wide variety of innovatively designed and shaped tiles that fit these standards perfectly making them ideal for such applications. The following are common types of tiles used for these surfaces with exceptional results in most homes.


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic is one of the oldest and most popular materials used in the making of backsplash tiles over the years. The impressive popularity of this material can be linked to its great features that clearly sets it apart in this highly competitive industry. Apart from being very versatile and thus easy to shape into different shapes, colors and designs this material also happens to be very easy to maintain.

Its non stick properties are further accentuated by the fact that it is anti corrosion and rust features which are very ideal in constantly wet and high traffic applications.

Stainless steel tiles

Originally stainless steel was mainly used in large scale kitchen applications and even then in the form of large smooth plain looking sheets. However over the years this has drastically changed as an increasing number of manufacturers have ventured into this field with an aim of sprucing this attractive material up for better efficiency. Backsplash tiles made form these materials are easy to clean, durable and very transformative to any kitchen.